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All the Basics of Septic Tank Pumping – Hillsboro Area

To keep your wastewater system running efficiently and maintain the quality of your septic field, you will need to know the basics of septic tank pumping. When is it done? How is done? What is the Hillsboro homeowner responsible for and how can they make the process straightforward and hassle free? A little knowledge will go a long way and give you the necessary tools to help your system run well.

Scheduling Your Septic Tank Pumping – Hillsboro Area

There are a few variables that come into play and determine when it’s time to pump out the tank. The size of your tank is a major factor, as are the number of residents in your home and your overall water usage. Larger tanks will be pumped less frequently, although the volume of waste removed will be higher. And homes in Hillsboro with more residents will need to schedule pumping services more often.

An average sized 1,000 gallon tank serving a family of four will need to be pumped every 2 ½ to 3 years. The same sized tank in a home with only one or two residents can be left for five to ten years without pumping, although it is generally recommended that you schedule a cleaning approximately every five years in any case. Another generally accepted rule is to pump the tank once the solid waste level has surpassed 40% of the tank.

Other variables such as garbage disposals and living in the home only part of the year will change those schedules. With garbage disposals in use you can expect to pump your tank about 20% sooner than without and if your home is only a part time residence you should be able to stretch out the timing between service visits.

Not cleaning out your tank on time can be a serious risk, possibly causing damage to the system and the surrounding environment. Pipes can become clogged and solid waste can plug up the drainage field, both a danger and an unpleasant experience for homeowners.

Even when using bacterial additives you need to adhere to a Hillsboro septic tank pumping schedule. Finding a trusted, licensed and insured company to provide this service will allow you to keep to a regular schedule and proper, safe maintenance of this essential system in your home.

Methods of Septic Tank Pumping – Hillsboro Area

Find out where the lid or access point for your tank is and uncover it. This will cut down on the cost of septic tank pumping since the contractor will have little extra labor involved. Mark the opening with stakes afterwards or simply sketch a diagram with the location noted for use before the next scheduled pumping.

The septic pumping contractor for Hillsboro will arrive with all of the necessary equipment and storage vehicles. You should be on hand to meet them and go over anything they discover during the pumping or inspection of your tank. Baffles will be inspected for wear and the tank should be checked for leaks. All solid waste will be removed from your tank and disposed of properly and efficiently. This is part of what you are paying the septic cleaning contractors to do, as safe disposal is highly regulated and tightly managed.

Tips for Hassle Free Septic Tank Pumping – Hillsboro Area

You should keep your system working at maximum efficiency by maintaining your cleaning schedule. Always use an experienced and licensed contractor to ensure a job well done. Hire the same contractor each time to be assured of professional service and to keep an accurate schedule and record of wear and tear inside the tank.

Discovering and recording the location of your septic tank will save time and money. Plan your landscaping to allow simple access for cleaning and be on site when the pumping takes place to avoid access problems and timely delays.

Septic tank pumping in the Hillsboro area is an essential home maintenance task that is reasonably priced (generally between $200 and $400) and takes very little time. It’s sure to keep your waster system performing well and your family and property safe from damage.



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